Voilà – Annija

Welcome to the place where amazingly good things to your body may happen!

A little bit about myself – I’m 23 years old nutrition-foodie-freak, who was inspired to inspire others to love their body and think of how we treat it. For the past 2 years I have become completely sure that we really are what we eat.

I used to have quite serious skin issues and my stomach used to bloat although I wasn’t even nearly the among the most unhealthy eaters. Right now it is a history.

I cook gluten-free, cause I believe that cooking gluten-free opens a lot of amazing and healthy opportunities. The food becomes diversified, thus it gets a lot more vitamins and minerals. Besides, I try to keep the cooking simple so it would be useful not only for the masterminds of kitchen, but also for the people, who don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen (I’d love to though 🙂 ).

Also, I’ll try to show you that being aware of the ingredients make you a lot more competent while shopping. I’ll try to break stereotypes and show that healthy can be awesomely tasty!

Meanwhile, I’m a travelling freak, thus my blog includes travelling reviews of different kitchens around the world.

I started doing this in my native language – Latvian, so if there is a mysterious chance you know my language, you are welcome to follow it here – http://aannija.wordpress.com/ 🙂

Feel free to contact me for ideas, suggestions or collaboration at any time – aannija@gmail.com


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