Persimmon nice cream

Everyone already knows that a banana is a real miracle fruit and every smoothie which tastes bad can be saved with a banana. Also, bananas are amazing with pancakes, porridges and… basically anything. 🙂

Another great fruit is persimmon, which is amazing in both, baked and fresh goods. This time I would like to introduce you to a persimmon nice-cream, which is cruelty free (vegan) , healthy and really yummy!

Unfortunately, you cannot make a tasty nice-cream out of every fruit, but persimmon is one of them. It is also a great snack for children!

What ingredients do you need?

-Ripe persimmon (as much as you want to eat)
-Spices (if you wish, for example, vanilla or cinnamon)


What do you have to do?

-Cut persimmon into small cubes. If you wish, you can get off the skin, the nice-cream could be a bit more smooth, but I made it with the skin (not to lose the vitamines 🙂 )

-Put the cubes into the freezer until they are hard as a rock. Then take them out and leave them for some minutes to melt. The cubes should be dividable so you can easily put them in your blender.

-Blend until the texture gets smooth. The texture will seem and feel creamy. The persimmon will get light orange.

My boyfriend even asked if I have added some kind of cream there, because he didn’t believe it is just persimmon in there. It feels thick and rich, meanwhile refreshing and really tasty.




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