Nutella Substitute – Chocolate cream

Beginning the avocado saga, I decided to push the boundaries. Now I’m trying different kinds of recipes with avocado. After some suggestions I understood that the next combination after avocado-lime cake will be avocado-cocoa cream, which strongly reminds me of Nutella. This mix can easily be used in cakes, cookies and just as a simple cream on toasts. The main advantage of it is that it is great for kids to substitute the unhealthy Nutella products. The consistency is comparatively similar to the usual Nutella cream. If you want it more thick, add coconut oil to the mix.

A good thing in my opinion is that my beloved ones could not tell what the cream is made of. Another good thing is that this cream is saturated with healthy fats. 🙂

It can be easily made vegan (if you do not use honey). 🙂

Attention! Please adjust the recipe to your tastes. I don’t like supersweet products, so if you do like sugar a lot, add more honey or agave syrup.

What is necessary for 2 portions of chocolate cream or 5-6 toasts?

1) 2,5 small avocados

2) 4 teaspoons of cocoa

3) ~4 teaspoons of honey or agave syrup (white sugar is not an option for me 🙂 )

4) If you wish to have a taste of milk chocolate, add a bit of coconut cream, condensed milk (not a healthy option) or anything else with a “milky” taste and texture.

What do you have to do?

1) Blend everything together

2) Taste it

3) Adjust it

4) Love it 🙂

If you want a lighter version of it, I suggest to add banana. However, in this case it will lose the Nutella taste.


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