Guilt-free pizza

I had wanted to make this recipe for a very long time. However, there was something inside myself that did not want to let me do it. 🙂 Why? Lately boiled cauliflower has not been my favourite vegetable. But it changed after I watched a local cooking show where a similar recipe was made – I was inspired!

The recipe is extremely healthy – there are no additional oils, it’s gluten free, lactose free and thus my belly is very happy. It will be good for those, who are alergic to nuts as well. 

Besides, my sceptical boyfriend was absolutely happy about the result. Pizza immediately disappeared in his stomach and I barely got a piece to taste it. 🙂

The recipe gan be made both – vegetarian and vegan. This time I made a vegetarian version.

What ingredients are necessary?

1)  1 big cauliflower (Not sure about the weight)

2) 1 chicken egg or 2 flax eggs.

3) Different spices – I used rosemary, salt, cumin seeds. For a more heavy version, I can suggest cheese. It will make the crust more crunchy.

4) For the topping you can use anything you want. I used – 1) Tomato sauce (preservative free) 2) chili paste 3) black olives 4) bamboo sprouts 5) goat cheese 6) tomato 7) some green leaves (spinach, rucola or anything else) 8) champignon

What do you have to do?

1) Split the cauliflower in small pieces.

2) Boil for 5-7 minutes

3) Put in the strainer and leave it there to cool down.

4) For this step it would be great if you had a man by your side. Put the cauliflower in a clean towel or cheesecloth. Try to squeeze out all the excess water out of the cauliflower. When you feel you have finished – squeeze more. The leff water the cauliflower has, the better the result will be!

5) When you think the cauliflower texture is dry enough, mix it together with the egg and spices. If you now feel that it is not dry enough, add flour (whichever you think is better, I would add rice flour).


6)Put the cauliflower on the oven plate in a very thin layer. Put it in the oven on ~ 160 degrees for ~ 40 minutes. Please, check the cauliflower once in a while to see if it is not ready earlier. My boyfriend told me we liked that the cauliflower was not all over crunchy but only on the sides, so it really depends on your taste.


7) When it is ready, top it with all the ingredients you love. Put it in the oven for 15 minutes.

8) Voila! It is ready 🙂 You can top it with fresh leaves and enjoy it.

9) Bon apetit!






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