Sklandrausis – Latvian national food

Since I’m Latvian and I really love our national food, I would like to share one recipe with you. To be honest, not everyone is a fan of this food, but I really like it (although it contains gluten 🙂 ). The original version is vegetarian (but not vegan). However, you can make it with meat and cheese if you like.

So, what are the ingredients?

1) 700 grams rye flour (contains gluten)

2) 300 ml water (when you make the  dough, please check if it is not too watery. It has to be stiff enough to make a small basket of it – see the picture below)

3) 100g butter room temperature (some don’t use butter in the recipe at all, so you can as well skip it, but, of course, it gives a full/thick taste)

4)potatoes (5-6 depending on the size of the small rye baskets)

5) carrots (the same what was with potatoes)

6) 400 ml sour cream

7) cumin seeds, cinnamon

8) sugar, salt

9) 3 eggs


-Mix together water and the rye flour. After, knead in the butter. Add a bit of cumin seeds, salt and sugar. The structure should be homogenous.

-Boil potatoes and carrots. You can boil them together and then separate in 2 bowls without water. Mash them really well and add an egg to each of the bowls (Haven’t tried to do it without the egg, maybe that’s alright too). Add a bit salt and sugar. I know there are some people who stuff the rye baskets with raw potatoes and carrots, but I haven’t tried that, so I have no idea if it’s better. But I like to think that my choice is better. 🙂

-Make small rye baskets out of the dough.  The dough should be quite thin. If it is too soft, add a bit of flour. Use your senses to make the best out of it 🙂

FotorCreated (4)

-Mix the sour cream with 1 egg, quite a lot of cumin and salt.

-Then there are two options – to mix the sour cream mixture with potatoes and carrots or to do as I did: Fill the rye basket with 1 layer of potatoes, add 1 layer of carrots and put the sour cream mixture on the top (it should be quite rich).

-Put in the oven on 200 degrees (Celsium) for 25 minutes approximately. The top should be brown and the dough should be dry.



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