Peanut butter cookies

I have seen a lot of peanut butter cookies recipes lately, so I wanted to make my own. I have to be honest – I wasn’t absolutely super amazed by them, but they were really nice and crunchy. And what is also important – really healthy (unless you put a lot of sugar in them). This recipe is absolutely gluten free if you use glutenfree oats.

So what are the ingredients?

-300 grams of peanut butter (I used self-made peanut butter)

-2 table spoons buckwheat flour

-2 table spoons oatmeal

-2 eggs

-sugar, a bit salt, vanilla extract

What do you have to do?

-Mix everything together and make small, flat “pancakes” out of the peanut butter mixture.cepumi2

-Put the heat on ~180 degrees (Celsium) and leave the cookies there for 20 minutes. After 10 minutes check if they are okay.

Voila! Simple as that!


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