Gluten-free Chocolate Cake

Cooking gluten-free is not only better, but also quite challenging and always – very interesting. If you choose a gluten-free lifestyle it doesn’t mean you have to say bye bye to chocolate cakes! This is one of my gluten-free chocolate cake options. I hope you’ll like it! Topped with beautiful cherries from Latvia 🙂
What is necessary?
-100 grams black chocolate (I bought weighted chocolate in the market)
-3 tablespoons of cocoa
-150 ml kefir (you may also use greek yogurt)
-3 tablespoons of flour (turkish peas flour)
-3 eggs
-40 grams of butter
-sweeteners (sugar/honey/stevia – whichever you like better. I didn’ t add any, because I love dark chocolate, but if you like to sweeten things up, you may do it)
What do I have to do?
 -Try to melt the chocolate in a hot water steam or in a way that is better for you. Melt it together with the piece of butter.
-Meanwhile separate egg yolks from egg whites. Whip the egg whites in hard foam (the eggs must be in room temperature, so take them out of the refrigerator 1 hour before cooking). Separately whip the egg yolks.
-Mix together the mixture of butter and piece of chocolate with flour, cocoa powder. Then add the whipped egg yolks and kefir (or greek yogurt). This is also the moment when to add sugar/honey/stevia.
-When it’ s done, add the egg whites, but don’ t whip! Gently stir the egg whites into the chocolate mass.
-When it’ s done, put everything in a silicone or any other container which can be used for high temperature and put in the oven for 30 minutes (190 degrees).
-Before putting the cake in the oven, I suggest you to put sweet pieces of chocolate in the middle of the mass. You may also add nuts or raisins. Whatever you like the best.
You may serve it with a warm vanilla sauce, cold ice-cream or just enjoy it with a cup of tea or coffee. Cheers!


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